A Powerpoint of “So You Have To Go Home”

naomiRecently I posted an article called “So You Have To Go Home”. This was about the experiences of Ruth and Naomi in the Old Testament and how some of us in these times can find significance in how things worked out for them when they had to “go home.”

Some dear missionary friends of mine in Ukraine took this story and turned it into a Powerpoint presentation to use with folks they minster to and have classes with. I thought to add it in here as they’ve found ways to illustrate it all very well and it could be a blessing to some of you.

Here it is:    So You Have to Go Home

2 thoughts on “A Powerpoint of “So You Have To Go Home”

  1. Thank you Mark . I love your posts…I am one of those that returned home from the mission field after almost 30yrs away…I do not have a big work going, and really, nor do I want one. But by HIS Grace I am still Loving Jesus, and now taking care of my aged dad who is also my supporter. God is good to me and I am thankful. Keep posting!! Love and prayers

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