Famous Failures of Prophetic Interpretation

I have been able to complete another supplementary video to Daniel chapter 8. That chapter is a pretty controversial chapter in the history of prophecy and there have been many things published, as well as misunderstandings experienced, on this chapter. In the main video on Daniel chapter 8, I aimed to not bring in those various views as some of them have stumbled a lot of people or at least confused many. But in these supplementary videos, it’s seemed good to briefly touch on these things so that everyone can be aware that there are these questions and controversies.

This video has to do with times in history when someone has pointed out something they thought was just about to happen, because they felt Bible prophecy was just about to be fulfilled. That happened twice, rather famously, over 100 years ago as a direct result of misunderstanding something that’s in Daniel chapter 8. And yet these misunderstandings and these  mis-taught interpretations of prophecy are happening in our times just as much if not more than it did back then. For those who are truly seeking to learn the truth and to delve deeper into Bible prophecy, these confusions and false teachings can do tremendous damage.

3 thoughts on “Famous Failures of Prophetic Interpretation

    • It’s a big subject on many levels. We all long to see prophecy fulfilled in so many ways. But there are many people nowadays who are like the boy who cried, “Wolf, Wolf!” And then when he’s proven wrong, all the people gradually don’t take any cry of “Wolf” seriously. The when the wolf actually comes, nobody believes or is prepared. And it’s happening now as much as ever before. Thanks for your comment.

  1. Great insight! Like Peter says, “We’ll know when it happens.” referring to the E.T. and the coming of the Antichrist. Meanwhile, we can do all what we can in preparing ourselves and others by staying close to the Lord and sharing His Word. Keep up with the good work and making these inspiring classes available to all.

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