French video: “Le livre de Daniel chapitre 2”

I’ve been able to complete in French the second video in the Prophecies of Daniel series, Daniel Chapter 2. This chapter is considered by scholars of almost all faiths to be the briefest and most concise overall picture of the history and future of the world in the entire Bible. Daniel chapter 2 is like a foundation on which we can understand the many fulfilled prophecies of the past, as well as see what still is to be fulfilled in times soon to come.

It has often seemed to me that this chapter was intentionally designed by God as an easy first step along the path of prophecy. It’s like a preparation for the more advanced prophecy chapters, such as Daniel chapter 7. That chapter is where we will begin to really climb up into the mountains of prophecy.

The English version of this video, “The Book of Daniel Chapter 2”, can be seen here.

One thought on “French video: “Le livre de Daniel chapitre 2”

  1. it’s been a huge blessing to have this video in French and being able to show it during the eschatology seminars we have been holding in Kinshasa. People have heard all kinds of varying false doctrines and are hungry to hear what the Bible really has to say about it all. Thank you, Mark. Tremendous work!

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