German Awakening

young christiansI’m in northern Germany and for the last few days I’ve been going to a church that’s primarily filled with young people. I had read about what’s called the German awakening and how that there’s been something like a “revival” among this present generation of young Germans. I was interested as I’ve lived off and on in Europe for many years and I think most people who know about things there would agree that “post Christian” is a pretty good label for modern northern and western Europe.

Last night I was several times sitting at tables where everyone but me was 18 to 25 years old and most of them have been Christians for 2 or 3 years. One young woman from southern Germany told me she’s been a Christian since August. I’m being kind of factual here but leaving out the emotions I was feeling from being with these ones. I guess I just never thought I’d see the day when something like this happened in these parts. I was amazed at them and told them so and they were amazed at me. I told them I’ve been a missionary basically all my adult life and have aimed to live the life, not just of a passive, rock-along Christian, but of a disciple. This resonated with them as they too don’t want a compromised, milk-and-water Christianity but a real strong dose. And they just kept asking questions. Even when things got quiet, nobody got up to leave. I could just feel them pulling on me and that I needed to keep sharing things with them.

Some of them witness. It seems to be natural and spontaneous for them, not necessarily something being pushed to do by others. I told them about my experiences with sharing my faith, how very much the Lord blesses it and will use anyone who steps out to serve Him this way.

passing tracts-2One woman told me of a moment when she was passing out tracts at a bus stop. And instead of encountering resistance, it was like everyone was taking the tracts enthusiastically and encouraging her to share them with their friends. Again, having lived off and on in these parts for decades, I was just flabbergasted to hear this. In the 90’s in east Europe this kind of thing happened, but in Germany? It’s new to me.

And I told them about the many experiences I had when I was there age, witnessing on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, Piccadilly Circus in London or Vondelpark in Amsterdam. Often my friends and I would meet people who were planning to commit suicide that day. Or they were on their way to shoot someone who had tricked them in a drug deal. Or they’d just run away from home or gotten beaten up by a relative. And it’s not like things are better today than when I was their age. So I told them that God needed them to share their faith with the people of their generation, that God was doing something special in awakening the hearts of people here.

I asked one of them why she thought this was happening here now. She said that for her and her friends, things were just very fluid and unstable now. She said they don’t have the confidence in society and their country that former generations had and that many are looking for deeper answers and eternal truths. It sounded so much like what people said when I was their age and how things were in the tempestuous times I grew up in. So many back then came out of fully secular backgrounds into a strong faith in Jesus that totally changed their lives. That’s what I was seeing and hearing last night from the many I talked with.

Christian on guitarAnd it’s not easy to just walk away from this. I’m taking the little time I have here to talk to ones I know in the area. I hope to do whatever I can to encourage, inspire and instill in them the vision to make the very most of this unusually stirring of hearts in this part of the world to again look to God and Jesus as solution in this time of turmoil. It’s yet again another example of “the harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few“. (Matthew 9:37)

The thing is, most of the folks I know are actually trained laborers for the Lord, not just nominal Christians. So I’ve been as importune as I feel I can be without overdoing it that they feed these young people coming to the Lord and to also spend time out witnessing and reaching the lost at this time. And the good news is that most of the ones I know here are totally on fire about what the Lord is doing now and are looking for where they can use their background to be fully involved in this formerly barren land that’s turning into a fruitful field.

Times like this don’t last forever and they don’t come along very often. Please pray with me that the laborers for the Lord in this part of the world will rise to the occasion and be what the Lord needs them to be in this springtime of the Spirit in Germany.


8 thoughts on “German Awakening

  1. Very inspiring, Mark! Thank you for sharing it! I am experiencing that as times are growing darker, witnessing is getting easier, as people’s spirits are getting hungry, desperate and searching for answers again!

  2. Very interesting and unexpected in this very unspiritual part of the world, the post christian EU – and Germany for sure. I used to be on the streets a lot in Oldenburg, Hamburg and Bremen giving out tracts in 1980 – 1982 and was very good then! Even in Oldenburg was still ok in 2004 or so…

    • The Lord has been stirring up Spiritual Revivals in Germany regularly. As far back as the children`s crusade…..Jesus People….Jesus Freaks…Martin Luther …etc. I heared of a spiritual revival in South Germany a while ago in the News. Germany carries a long tradition of Christian faith. Even the the German president is a pastor & the German prime minister is the daughter of a pastor. ….and witnessing in North Germany including Oldenburg is still going good……it`s just that nobody ever tries….

  3. It is great to hear this news as Germany was my first mission field,in the late 70’s!
    The fire of the Holy Spirit in young people to witness and win souls is so powerful. The light shines so brightly in such dark times! The Lord is moving in their hearts and I pray for the harvest to be great!

  4. Thanks for sharing this. I often wonder what became of all the people we witnessed to over there all those years ago (’75-’80) and those (children and teenagers) we led to the Lord in schools and hospitals. Europe is definitely a “new” mission field.

  5. I absolutely enjoy reading about your missions abroad and the insights you share about the faith.
    But when I read the comments, I feel so left out – like I’m the only one with no missionary or witnessing experience reading.

    • Even if you’ve never been a missionary, you can be a witness where you are to the circle of people you come in contact with. It’s actually fun and exciting to see how the Lord can use you to share His love and truth with others.

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