Italian video: “Un’introduzione alla profezia nella storia”

I’ve been able to complete the first video in Italian of the Prophecies of Daniel series, “Un’introduzione alla profezia nella storia”.
Many people don’t know what Bible prophecy is. I certainly didn’t until I had a big change in my life when I found out that God is real and the spiritual world really exists. Later I became a Christian and was so surprised when I read the Bible, especially the marvelous disclosures of Bible prophecy.

So, in doing this series on the prophecies of Daniel, I felt it would be good to first present the phenomenon of Bible prophecy against the backdrop of the history of ancient Israel. History is the background against which the prophecies of the prophets stand out as beacons and signposts of the future to come.
The next Italian video will be Daniel chapter 2. My hope is that this video will be ready in the next few months. God bless you.

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