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It’s worked out for me over the last month to begin to give live Bible classes here in Austin. I’m really glad about that as this is something I’ve done in the past in many places, including here in Austin for a time between 2001 and 2003.

From classes I taught in Jakarta, 2007

From classes I taught in Jakarta, 2007

Actually, the series of videos that I’ve been working on comes from the live classes that I’ve taught for years in places like Scandinavia, Hungary, Indonesia, Brazil and Ukraine.

It’s been refreshing to find that so many Christians here who really feel that the best place for fellowship and Christian feeding in the Word can be found in what they call “small groups”. I do go to a “mega church” here in Austin and I wrote a blog post about it called “A Flock of Whooping Cranes”. But it’s been the smaller groups and adult Sunday school classes where I’ve really made new friends and these are the ones who’ve invited me to start going through the prophecies of Daniel with them. So far, it’s been around 15 people who come each Thursday night and it’s been a good time of deep Bible study.

In the past when I was abroad, much of the time my teaching was to what could be called “beginners”, folks who are relatively new to the Lord and to Christian teaching. Some of those times I was also teaching the children of missionary friends. But here in Austin, I would say the ones who are coming to the classes now are more “intermediate and advanced”. These are folks who have  a pretty good knowledge of God’s Word and also are relatively familiar with what the Bible says about the times leading up to the return of Jesus. With these new freinds we can dig deeper as well as also answer some questions (or try to) about some of the more controversial subjects of the endtime picture.

Picture 3

Daniel 7: the 4 beasts

I’m really glad that things have gone so well with the web sites this year and also the Daniel 8 video which should be viewable in the next week or so, Lord willing. But I’m also very glad to see this door open to be able to teach in a live setting again. With all the art that’s been done on the videos so far, it’s made it so that the classes now can have this art shown on a large screen.

The Ancient of Days

The Ancient of Days

The ones in the class can see what the Bible describes when it talks about “the four beasts” or “the Ancient of Days” or when when Daniel speaks with the angel Gabriel.

So if there are any of you in the greater Austin area who might be interested in coming to these classes, please get in touch with me . I’m open to other things like this developing if the Lord is leading and there are receptive people who want to dig deeper in the Word.

Gabriel speaks to Daniel

Gabriel speaks to Daniel

These are exciting times. Getting to know new friends, finding ones who really are hungry for the truth of the Bible, seeing what the Lord is doing and where things are going at this time is really thrilling. If any of this rings a bell with you, do get in touch with me and perhaps some new things in the way of live classes can be started up. God bless you!

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    • There have been many things like this over the years, very many. I take note of them but if it’s not something I see clearly spoken of to come in Scripture, I don’t teach it.

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