Putting Out To Sea

putting out to sea-fixedLast month I had an interesting conversation with a young lady around 12 years old. She’s full of faith and, in some ways, wise beyond her years. And I felt inspired to tell her (thinking about how things can go between the ages of 13 and 21) that it’s a little like she’s in a harbor right now. But soon she’ll move out into the full ocean where the waves are stronger and the shore further away.

Jesus and little girl-flatThen last night, after I was already down for the night and nearly asleep, a poem was coming to me about her and about how others like her are at that poignant point in their lives, on the cusp of… not adulthood but whatever that change is that is so marked as we enter into our teen years.

So I virtually woke up, turned on the lights and computer and wrote this little poem. I don’t have that kind of thing happen often. But I’ve learned from experience that it’s best to stop what I’m doing and just write it down if something like that or some train of thought comes to me which should be turned into a post or article.

Maybe you know some ones like my young friend; actually I know a good number who are at that point in life where they are at the edge of the harbor, putting out to sea.

Putting Out To Sea

There you are in the harbor,

Putting out to the sea in your skiff

Away from the calm of the haven

Towards the billows you saw from the cliff.


It won’t be long ere you feel them,

The surges and big waves ahead.

You’re looking ahead with excitement

But also perhaps with some dread.


Soon the waves and storms of adulthood

Will just start to rock your wee yacht.

And now, away from the shoreline,

You’ll be needing the Lord, quiet a lot.


Your mom and your friends are still with you

The home, the hearth and the love.

But as you get older it is clearer

That the best help does come from above.


So what can we who do love you

To help you be strong and survive?

Can we always be right there beside you

And stay there the rest of your life?


No, only the Lord in His mercy

Will guide you through the strong squall

Which come to all on life’s ocean

And tests the faith of us all.


Dear friend and young sister, we love you.

There’s love, joy and peace in your soul.

You’re off to a great start and beginning

Your eyes seem fixed on the goal.


To trust Him, to serve and believe Him

To ride the waves that roll on,

To follow His light from above us

To hold on through night till the dawn


When the time on the ocean has taught you

To be full and complete in His love.

When more years have passed and you find then

That you yourself have been taught from above


That He will always be with you

That no wave or storm will surpass

The power and wisdom He gives you

To be His disciple and lass.


One thought on “Putting Out To Sea

  1. How incredibly inspiring! I will share this with my16 year old daughter who is in this exact situation, feeling apprehensive about all the decisions that she suddenly faces regarding her future and wondering which way to turn in it all. It’s a challenging time in life for young people but how comforting for them to know that they don’t have to face life’s storms on their own because Jesus is right by their side every step of the way, gently leading and guiding them on the path that He set before them, all a part of His wonderful plan. Dear Jesus, please help these young ones to learn to put their trust in you, to hear your still small voice and to follow you. Thank you Jesus!

    And thank you Mark for sharing this. GBY

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